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At we encourage our users to participate in the process of inquiry and discovery! Below you will find a growing collection of miscellaneous experiments and snippets we have tried and have found interesting and we believe that you will find them interesting too. They are repeatable experiments which bring a love of language and science together!
As such, we encourage you to try them yourself! We also hope that you will use them as a starting point for your own pet projects or lesson plans. And if you think of something new and interesting which is not on our list, we would be quite happy to hear from you. Additionally, we would be more than happy to credit you with your contribution if you would like to be named on our site. In any case let us know what you have tried!
State of the Union Sampler: Has the State of the Union Become... dumber?
A Tale of Two Densities: Wikipedia vs. The Short Story. Comparing Lexical Densities.
What Did I Just Agree To? Online Privacy Policies and Readability.
Journalism Across the Pond: BBC News vs. The New York Times. A Very Informal Comparison.
Random Gutenberg: Readability, Lexical Density and Semicolon Usage Data from a Random Sample of Project Gutenberg e-books.
Three Celebrities. Three Politicians. An Informal Analysis of Six Interview Transcripts.
Are Active Sentences More Lexically Dense? Be Active when Using Passive Voice.
A Tale of Two Densities PART 2: Comparing Lexical Densities: Wikipedia vs. Project Gutenberg.
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